Guest Care

Injury or Sickness

If a client suffers injury or falls sick we will:

  • Ensure that appropriate medical attention is provided immediately on the occurrence of injury.
  • Ensure that immediate and appropriate medical attention is provided the moment a client reports of experiencing any form of sickness.
  • Ensure that, if a client is advised by a registered medical practitioner and requires hospitalization, that this be provided immediately on such need being expressed, but not without express consent of the concerned client where possible, in writing.
  • Ensure that the concerned medical practitioner provides the subject client with a certificate clearly indicating the nature of the injury or sickness, and in case of hospitalization, the duration of stay at the concerned hospital.
  • Ensure that the concerned client pays directly for all medical attention or hospitalization and that he/she receives all original receipted copies of all medical and other expenses in this regard.

Loss or Theft of Money, Travelers Cheques or Credit Cards

If a client suffers any loss or theft of money, travelers cheques or credit cards we will:

  • Ensure that the concerned client lodges a written report at the nearest police station within 12 hours of such discovery.
  • Ensure that the concerned client receives an immediate written acknowledgement to his/her having filed the report from concerned police authorities.
  • Ensure that, where travelers cheques and credit cards are concerned, the affected client informs the concerned bank/credit organization, if represented where the loss / theft occurs regarding the matter, per related rules, immediately on discovery of such occurrence.

Travel, Insurance Cover Statements

If a client suffers injury or falls sick we will:

  • In almost all cases our clients are covered by some form of Travel Insurance that takes care of all the above occurrences. All our clients would be carrying a Cover Statement to this effect issued to them by the concerned insurance Company.
  • In the event of any of the captioned occurrences affecting any of our clients we obtain this Travel Insurance Cover Statement from the concerned client, read it carefully and take action according to instructions mentioned therein.
  • The above is by way of an advisory to ensure that due care, attention and sympathy is always available to our clients while traveling under our arrangements.

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